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ICG Risk Blog - [ Deposing the 'servant government': listening to the cant of the Patriot right ]

Deposing the 'servant government': listening to the cant of the Patriot right

The American Patriot right is one of three essential classes of terrorists that we follow:
  • Foreign, non-state (al Qaeda and related organs)
  • Domestic, Patriot/radical right
  • Domestic, Single-interest

Along with at least one hybrid:

  • Temporary marriages of convenience between elements of the radical right and external terrorists (much like that made between radical right hate groups and black Muslim/extremist groups in the 60s)

It is grim reading to sup from the founts of the likes of the National Alliance, Racist Skinheads, Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Confederates, Council of Conservative Citizens, and Black Separatists.  Yet one of the most interesting and fastest growing categories is the "single-interest" category that includes ELF (Earth Liberation Front) and ALF (Animal Liberation Front) who have moved from indirect harm, e.g. tree spiking, to property damage to direct personal harm. Our sources tell us that the FBI is devoting quality effort to the single-interest folks as their 'hate profile' is directed at anyone that interferes with their sole vision, which in the case of the ELF and ALF is an untrammeled animal-friendly wilderness/environment. To read their materials is to the read the materials of the Patriot right or al Qaeda and its affiliates with different nouns. Expect this category to see significant growth. It is my opinion that the single-issue types are very bright and more savvy in commercial and technological terms than the patriot right, who now outnumber them.

In an earlier note, I spoke of the value of "committed" collectors and investigators, those whose passion to search out and document what would be obscure or tedious work for the rest of us. I turn to them again, this time Talking Tough from Southern Poverty Law Center.

"Talking" reports on the Give Me Liberty 2004 conference of the We The People Foundation & We The People Congress in January 2004, held adjacent to CPAC 2004, the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. Give Me Liberty speaks a language alien to us as it focused on the belief that "the 1st Amendment Right to Petition and its power as the legal tool to reclaim Freedom and restore Constitutional Order" will free these folks from federal control and taxation.

It is not enough to look at Liberty session titles such as "What Must A Free People Do With Evidence That The Servant Government Is Taking Over The House?" or "The Constitution v. The Federal Reserve System." In the case of the federal reserve, "Talking" gets to the repetition of the 1980s Posse Comitatus term, "banksters," "banking class," and worse that allege, with some venom that the Federal Reserve is an "illegal private cartel secretly owned by a small group of greedy bankers" that is "perpetrating a fraud against the American people." One speaker noted "And Jesus' only violent act was to throw out the money changers."

Mel Gibson's father, Hutton, was a featured speaker who offered a diatribe against "an alliance of the government and the banks" that is leading us to "the New World Order and one-world government." Hutton went on to suggest that US citizens "secede and kick the feds out." Pat Buchanan's sister, Angela, said, "I believe we must have a revolution. Hopefully, it will be a bloodless one." A less tolerant speaker said, "If they confiscate the guns, I think there will be war. And I hope there will be war instead of letting it happen."

It is also worth following up the praise for the Liberty Dollar, a parallel currency to federal currency offered for sale to the general public by NORFED (National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act).  The construct of its legitimacy is worth a read.

Unspecified violence against the state remained a consistently stated option if the state did not 'respond' properly to the group's petitions.

So as we focus on al Qaeda and the beheading of Paul Johnson Jr in Saudi Arabia, we must remember that we have very vocal, assimilated citizen-adversaries closer to home.

Talking Tough
By Heidi Beirich
The Year in Hate, 2004
Intelligence Report
Southern Poverty Law Center

Gordon Housworth

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