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ICG Risk Blog - [ Themes and variations in Chinese and Indian Intellectual Property protection ]

Themes and variations in Chinese and Indian Intellectual Property protection


Protecting your Intellectual Property in China and India was produced in response to GlobalAutoIndustry's request to contrast issues in Chinese and Indian Intellectual Property protection as part of China and India: Decreasing Costs Across Global Operations, a look at factors, advantages and concerns in Low Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS) to these automotive and component manufacturing areas.

Readers can treat China and India as the 'low cost is not low risk' abstract to separate presentations devoted to each country:

Each offers a much deeper dive into the factors affecting IP, facility and personnel protection in these Asian regions. Readers may consult these two article abstract series for further information on topics mentioned in all three presentations:

Citing the Aberdeen Group's 2005 observation that Chief Purchasing Officers "rate Low-Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS) a top priority over the next three years, and companies plan to double their spending with offshore suppliers by 2008," Wayne Forrest aptly noted:

While the LCCS road looks smooth on the surface and the cost benefits are enticing, there are potholes the size of moon craters for companies that do not properly prepare for all the potential hazards along the way.

Examining the nine tips that Forrest gathered from LCCS industry experts, I can state that the IP protection pothole (tip 2) remain unfilled in 2008, and adversely affects the other eight.

A close examination of the three presentations cited here will offer insight as to why. Feel free to contact us to begin to understand how to respond.

Nine tips for low-cost country sourcing
Wayne Forrest

Gordon Housworth

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