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Outsourcing without thinking about risk


Unless you are of Herculean calm, the salient message of Gartner CEO to CIOs: Embrace offshoring or else is Gartner's blunt admonition that "Not only IT's rank-and-file jobs are at risk; even IT leaders could be out of their jobs if they aren't looked upon within their organizations as the go-to people on outsourcing" will most likely hurl you into outsourcing without further investigation or resistance.

Only the very few will have the presence to decide to do it in a safe(r) and productive manner so that they protect their firm's intellectual property against theft and diversion.

"Fleisher recalled how the U.S, during previous economic transitions, has embraced outsourcing in order to retain its position as an economic power and leading generator of domestic job creation. "Technology has driven massive change in how the labor force is deployed since the coming of the industrial revolution," said Fleisher. "Western economies have been uniquely successful in navigating each wave from agriculture to manufacturing and then from manufacturing to services. Millions of jobs have been altered or disappeared in the process. Yet, millions more have been created.""

True, but previous waves did not suffer an intellectual property theft posture on so grand and strategic -- and invisible -- scale.

Gartner CEO to CIOs: Embrace offshoring or else
By David Berlind,
Tech Update
March 29, 2004

Gordon Housworth

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