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ICG Risk Blog - [ SWIFT response: taking some dolts off the shelf to fill the banking transaction news hole ]

SWIFT response: taking some dolts off the shelf to fill the banking transaction news hole


Prediction: the arrest of the copeless Miami seven as "home-grown terrorists" was simply an opportunistic red herring to staunch the news hole opening around the SWIFT banking transaction tracking story. My only question is whether this inept band, most of whom were unaware of the implications of their actions, was the only candidate on the shelf or was one that could be prematurely birthed without compromising a legitimate ongoing surveillance of a working group worthy of interdiction.

If one wants US "home-grown terrorists," they have only to look at Timothy McVeigh's bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City (psychological profile here) or the "single-interest" groups such as the ELF (Earth Liberation Front) and ALF (Animal Liberation Front). Just north into Canada, home-grown Muslim terrorists were planning to storm Parliament, behead officials and attack infrastructure. And for the mother of home-grown movements that will continue to pose threats for quite some time, one only has to look to the UK and its spate of Muslim-inspired bombings.

To attempt to shoehorn the pitiful Miami group into this class of home-grown terrorist groups is ludicrous. This group was so inept (oblivious might be the better word to describe some of its members) that they were effectively on life-support from an FBI informant; going nowhere without FBI sustainment certainly made them a candidate for a takedown without impacting a legitimate evidentiary trail.

Black News Weekly irreverently pierced the hype surrounding the hapless seven in False Positive; Stupid Niggers in Miami charged with "Talking While Black":

In what appears to be a false positive in the case of the Blacks arrested on terrorist charges, and if these crazy Niggers are guilty of anything, it’s "Talking While Black" — TWB — and being stupid!... The men were arrested at a warehouse in Miami, in an undercover operation, and they appear to have been setup by an FBI informer who turned Agent Provocateur...

The group, which was infiltrated by an agent posing as an al-Qaeda member, includes two foreigners - one of them a Haitian and five US citizens. If there is a lesson to be learned for the Black community, it's keep your mouth shut and stay out of the mess with the Sand Niggers [Arabs] and these crackers...

[The US] has been trying to get the Black community in this country involved in his war against terror for over five years, but to a one, the Black community has said no to this fool, so now they’re making up shit!

And again in Families deny US terror plot link : the boys just wanted some shoes:

They didn’t have any money! They didn’t have a plan! They didn’t have guns or bombs; in fact they are poor Blacks trying to live a decent life in a racist country. My God — the seven young men can't even spell al-Qaeda — and they didn’t even have shoes!

"Shoes, that’s all the boys wanted, they just wanted some shoes," a friend of the family said." They are not terrorists like everybody is saying, the boys just wanted some shoes." Relatives of seven men arrested over an alleged plot to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago and attack FBI offices have been protesting the group's innocence.

Marlene Phanor, sister of one of the accused [Stanley Grant Phanor], said they have been unfairly dubbed terrorists and that they were victims of US scaremongering… Phanor… denied that her brother had any terror links. "They're labeling him something that he's not… He's... no terrorist; he's in a religious group that's trying to support the community… It's all a show, they're scaring people, there's nothing to be scared at all." According to the charges, the men, five from the US and two from Haiti, hoped to wage a "full ground war" on the US. Officials said the men were foiled at an early stage and posed no danger.

RAND's Bruce Hoffman notes that an essential element of a legitimate threat is the capacity to execute the individual's or group's motives:

"Potentially, ... exaggerating the capabilities of the perpetrators risks in a sense undermining public confidence when the terrorists look like Keystone Cops and we've painted them to be Public Enemy Number One."

Beyond inept, they were invisible. Neither the Southern Poverty Law Center or the Anti-Defamation League, both of whom maintain detailed tracking of US extremist groups, had any knowledge of the Miami group. I wonder if ADL's Mark Pitcavage winked when he said, ''It must be a very new, not very established group.''

FBI's John Pistole implicitly acknowledged the group's capabilities to be nil, to be more "aspirational rather than operational," a phrase that has ricocheted around the globe, I think, making the US look foolish and some of its citizens perhaps less attentive to what could be genuine threats. Worse, the nascent stage of the arrest "robs a potential jury of hard evidence" for a conspiracy charge:

''This is the sort of early strike strategy that will invite possible Bill of Rights violations,'' said Nathan Clark, an attorney for one of the defendants, Rotschild Augustine. "If a group doesn't have the means, then it's less likely the government will have enough evidence to sustain the burden of proof.''

DoJ already has a poor record in post 11 September terrorism related convictions, many of which dissolve quietly out of sight of national news media, but the ties this case has to the SWIFT bank tracking story could very well make DoJ look like the Keystone Cops.

Yet it is this tie, this timeline coincidence to the SWIFT story, along with the knowledge that the Administration and DoJ knew that the Times and others had the story, that those newsgroups were going to run the story and that the administration was going to get another black eye at the end of the week before going into Saturday, the least read news day of the week, that makes me believe that federal authorities were instructed to see what they had as a potential 'shake and bake' domestic terrorism revelation to crowd the SWIFT story and its implications for domestic surveillance (also here) off the page.

I do not think that it has worked. Quite the reverse, actually. Nor has it been the deathblow to national security as many of my Republican colleagues claim. I concur with John Robb's view that it has been:

more of an embarrassment in that it pushes our allies away (they don't like the US snooping on global systems that they rely upon) and harms the image of the US as a safe financial system for global investors (for anyone that is worried that the US can and will target them in the future, and this list is getting longer). Domestically, it is shaping up to be an us vs. them political issue...

I would add, however, knowing how states such as France aggressively pursue terrorist targets, that some of them may have achieved the same endgame either legally or illegally (as the CIA first proposed to do by tapping the SWIFT transfer system). It is just not in the press yet.

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