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ICG Risk Blog - [ Barcelona club chips (as in RFID implants) its VIP members ]

Barcelona club chips (as in RFID implants) its VIP members


It has become a truism that many individuals will surrender privacy and permit intrusion in exchange for comfort, convenience, and pleasure.

Rarely is this more true in the case of Spanish club that is chipping its VIP members. As I was rather hoping that the news reports were a hoax, I visited the Spanish site for the Baja Beach Club and clicked on the 'Original Baja VIP' link. Sure enough, part of the spanish text matched the translation: "We are the first discotheque in the world to offer the VIP VeriChip. Using an integrated (imbedded) microchip, our VIPS can identify themselves and pay for their food and drinks without the need for any kind of document (ID)."

It seems tailor made for an SNL skit when one reads that, "He himself was implanted at the media launch of the VIP implant system along with stars from the Spanish version of the TV Show, "Big Brother," (called "Grand Hermano" in Spain)."

Poking around the Euro-scene, I found an 18 March 2004 notice on BarcelonaConnect heralding the club's 7th Anniversary party with a "spectacular skyshow, the Grand Opening of the new Champagne bar and the introduction of new technologie "The VIP Verichip". (Famous people will have an implantation in Baja Beach club)"

Found an interview of Conrad Chase, director of BBCI, by Alex Jones of in which Chase states that VeriChip informed him that Italy was intent on chipping all government workers -- and that the chip plant was in China.

I do hope to see this pop up on an urban legend site. Soon.

Conversely, were I a terrorist, I could hardly wait for my targets to be conveniently ID'd as so many cattle in a feed lot.

As noted previoulsy in RF networks under assault, I feel that RFIDs are complicit assassination tools as a "pre-scanned and identified RFID chip in a credit card, vehicle, or other device known to be on or near the targeted individual" can trigger a device when the target comes into range.  If the RFID is inside the target's body, so much the better.

Other delights come to mind, for example, if a country or a company chips their employees, will you as a visitor have to be chipped to gain entry? Who will assume liability for complications in removal?

Baja Beach Club in Barcelona, Spain Launches Microchip Implantation for VIP Members
Violet Jones/ | April 7 2004

Gordon Housworth

InfoT Public  Weapons & Technology Public  


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