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ICG Risk Blog - [ Intellectual Property (IP) risks in Brazil and Mexico ]

Intellectual Property (IP) risks in Brazil and Mexico


Protecting your Intellectual Property in Mexico, Brazil and China was a recent presentation done in response to a request to compare IP risks in key Western Hemisphere states with those in China. As it is difficult to address three such diverse regions in a short presentation, readers are recommended to also look at:

The Brazilian IP risk is new to the list as it contains:

  • Unique Brazilian characteristics
  • Brazil as a mixed threat environment
  • Condition of ungoverned areas, ill-equipped lawenforcement agencies and militaries
  • Endemic IP abuse environment
  • Moderate anti-IP intellectual environment
  • Pressure to remain preferred Southern Cone regional automobile supplier
  • Brazil as part of China's mercantile strategy
  • Brazil's attractive IP targets

The Mexican IP risk is summarized from the larger Mexican risk horizon as:

  • Unique Mexican characteristics
  • Mexico as a mixed threat environment
  • Piece part/commercial focus fails to include key Mexican factors
  • Drug cartel counterattacks
  • Cartels ability to sever Mexico's national critical infrastructures

Based upon interactions with a number of firms operating in both Brazil and Mexico, it is our opinion that IP risk is either misunderstood or ignored, leaving the firms open to exploitation and acceptance of risk by default.

Gordon Housworth

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