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ICG Risk Blog - [ Abu Ghraib debacle ]

Abu Ghraib debacle


Before reading the Hersh's Torture at Abu Ghraib article in the New Yorker, I suggest that it is more instructive for you to first read some global responses to Abu Ghraib. This prison foolishness is simply stunning in its impact and if any of my domestic readers think that it can be easily overcome, I suggest that you are spending too much time in the US. Whether this was the work of a few or something systematic is not the issue that I am striking at; I am positing that we have crashed a generation of whatever Muslim sympathy or abeyance that we had -- and I mean 'had.' Al Qaeda and its allies will receive substantial assistance and efforts against them will move more slowly. Had we lined up prisoners and shot them, we could have hardly done worse.

We are perceived as hypocrites. Our administration is unaware of the impact of Abu Ghraib in areas of the world that will have an impact on our ultimate security. It is a stupendous blunder in first instance and another in our response to it -- so understated as to be a non-response.

The sad point is that only under a US umbrella could such news be released and be allowed to air. I fear that the anger on the Arab street and, I think, a goodly portion of the 'Asian street' (remember that the ordinary Chinese has not forgotten our bombing of their embassy in Belgrade and the EP-3 intercept incident off Hainan), is such that we shall pay a high price for this folly.

George Bush as Saddam Hussein
Abuse Photos Prompt Comparison to Former Iraqi Leader
By Jefferson Morley Staff Writer
Monday, May 3, 2004; 2:06 PM

American soldiers brutalized Iraqis. How far up does the responsibility go?
The New Yorker
Issue of 2004-05-10
Posted 2004-04-30

Gordon Housworth

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