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ICG Risk Blog - [ The brothel of infidel powers: Blow of the pious Muslim speaks of the United Nations ]

The brothel of infidel powers: Blow of the pious Muslim speaks of the United Nations


Given that the US faces a more grim and immediate threat from a determinedly nuclear Pakistan that deorbits the War on Terror, and that there have been three close attempts on Musharraf's life - two by suicide attacks, I am perpetually astonished that Southwest Asian politics are so thinly, slowly, and sporadically reported in the high street news of the US and Europe (bit better in Europe but not substantially better).

Good coverage can be found, examples being Lahore's The Friday Times by the likes of Najam Sethi and Mohammad Shehzad, Hong Kong's Asia Times by Syed Shahzad, and the South Asia Intelligence Review (SAIR) edited by K.P.S. Gill (Indian Police Service retired). (For example, there is a good series, now in its fifth installment, in Asia Times by Nir Rosen -- Fallujah: Inside the Iraqi Resistance.)

My impression is that like so many info streams that purport to be news, the US/EU press give the illusion of being informed without the ability to act. At a minimum, it will concentrate the mind to get into the head of our Muslim jihadist adversaries in order to see the nature of the threat that will not be easily removed. One such piece is Mohammad Shehzad's Pakistan's Jehadi press reviewed.

The weekly Zarb-e-Momin (Blow of the pious Muslim) covers most of the bases, I believe, in a single issue:

  • Issues an edict that "any act of cooperation with US over war on Iraq is a major sin"
  • Asks all Muslims to "unite and wage jihad against America and Britain"
  • Demands the Jamali administration "to stop its operation against al-Qaeda suspects and release all the mujahideen so they can fight the US in Afghanistan"
  • Takes all Muslim nations to task "for not detonating the "oil bomb," [observing that] "Muslims may be technologically backward but they can subjugate the world through the weapon of oil" Ironically, they are naive and can’t make a smart use of the ‘oil wealth’."
  • Castigates all Islamic heads of state as "running with the hare and hunting with the hounds [having] sold their loyalties to the US
  • Condemns Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan for having shed their "faith in God"
  • Declaring that the next US target will be the holy shrine of the Ka’aba in Mecca

Shehzad was fond of these Zarb-e-Momin observations:

Kabul took the decision to release Pakistani Taliban after it was cleared by Washington.

The United Nations is the "brothel" of infidel powers. It panders to the lust of Jews and Christians. The Muslim world should set up a UN-style organisation or be ready to face the fury of non-believers!

After the US attack on Iraq, jihad has become mandatory on every man and woman. Those who will not comply will cease to be Muslims.

But even this doesn't reach the visceral level of the monthly Zarb-e-Tayyaba (The Holy Blow) which profiles selected "holy warriors" in each issue. Its March 2003 issue runs hagiographic over an ""emotional holy warrior" who is so impatient and fond of cutting the throats of the Hindus" that he is uncontrollable:

The "emotional" boy runs away from home and joins [Jamat-ud] Dawa’s guerrilla training camp in Muzaffarabad. Within 21 days, he becomes a commando. "After becoming a mujahid, I realised that I owned the world," says the boy, adding: "When I kill the Hindus, I feel as if the blood of Mohammad bin Qasim is running through my veins and I have come closer to Allah. "The happiest moment of my life was slaughtering the Hindu General Haman, an extremely cruel and cunning army officer. I kidnapped him and brought him to my camp. He was licking my boots and begging for his life. He was even ready to embrace Islam. But I knew he was a liar. I took my sharp knife and started cutting his throat. He was screaming and I was enjoying cutting his throat. The blood was gushing out like a fountain from his throat. The sight gave me immense pleasure. I kept on cutting his throat until he died. My commander was very happy with me. He kissed my forehead and I became his blue-eyed boy!"

Shehzad notes that Zarb-e-Tayyaba urges adolescents and young men to emulate this "emotional holy warrior."

IF I still have you, I hope that you have a more grounded view of Musharraf's opposition and the nexus to which Pakistan could move should he be killed. In closing, Pakistan is estimated to have more than 25 operational nuclear weapons. Is it any wonder that the US, Israel, and India run simulations, individually and collectively, in order to "stabilize" those fissile packages in the event that their security is compromised.

This time Iraq thrown in - Pakistan's Jehadi press reviewed
Pakistan's Jihadi Press
Mohammad Shehzad
The Friday Times
March 27 2003

Fallujah: Inside the Iraqi Resistance
Part 5: The Tongue of the Mujahideen
Nir Rosen
July 22, 2004

Asia Times

The Friday Times

South Asia Intelligence Review (SAIR)

Gordon Housworth

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