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ICG Risk Blog - [ Radical resident Euro-Muslims preach overthrow and jihad ]

Radical resident Euro-Muslims preach overthrow and jihad


Openly preached in radical mosques in the UK and elsewhere in Europe: Muslims will no longer be restrained from attacking the Western countries that now host them if bin Laden's Euro-neutrality offer is spurned.

"All Muslims of the West will be obliged [to] become his sword"

This traffic rarely makes it to our shores (although there was a burst of it in the run-up to the Iraqi invasion). Save for the sermons of the now imprisoned "blind sheik," Omar Abdel-Rahman, and a few others whose credentials were revoked, we do not have this level of public venom from Muslim sheiks within our borders.

Some of these imams have been inciting youths "to suicidal violence since the 1990's," yet have escaped deportation by working the legal system against itself. Stronger antiterrorism laws have not made a dent, thus authorities have been reduced to mouse-trapping on immigration violations but those efforts often fail due to the liberal nature of such laws in Europe.

One hopes that the authorities are surveilling and photographing these assemblies (many of which occur outdoors) so that we have an 'asset inventory,' but I still find this cold comfort as people can do amazing things under surveillance and can scatter on a signal perhaps to join an attack team coming into the country for an event.

Mainstream Muslims are understandably outraged and rightly fear that entire Muslim communities will be targeted by the authorities and bear increasing resentment from the larger populace. The mainstream wants their own extremists deported.

How can you blame them when Sheik Omar speaks of "terrorism as the new norm of cultural conflict, "the fashion of the 21st century."" That unfortunately sounds like the race wars that I fear as the logical outcome of this affair. How unremitting sad for us all.

Militants in Europe Openly Call for Jihad and the Rule of Islam
April 26, 2004
New York Times

Gordon Housworth

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