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Title Article Date Last Post Date Number of Posts
US electorate's oversight: Iraqi opinions as to their condition and their perceptions of US/Coalition occupation - part 210/31/2005 0
Iraq replaces Palestine as militant Islam's crie de guerre11/1/2005 0
Iraq replaces Palestine as militant Islam's crie de guerre, part 211/3/2005 0
Maritime piracy versus maritime terrorism in the Seabourn Spirit hijacking episode11/6/2005 0
Maritime piracy versus maritime terrorism in the Seabourn Spirit hijacking episode, part 211/7/2005 0
Marked non-response by French authorities to Muslim unrest rising from Clichy-sous-Bois11/8/2005 0
Fighting them in France, not Iraq, so that we do not have to fight them here at home11/9/2005 0
The imperiling of validity of source, and validity of datum from source11/11/2005 0
Lengthening 'long war' in the Arc of Instability11/15/2005 0
The halcyon days of the 1992 Defense Planning Guidance (DPG)11/18/2005 0
White hats and black hats will produce interacting swarms of rootkits, trojans, worms, adware and spyware11/22/2005 0
Malicious marketplace uniting espionage, criminal groups, crackers, terrorism, vulnerable systems, commercial and government targets11/24/2005 0
Underestimating the gravity of bombing al Jazeera (2004) and bombing the USSR (1984)11/29/2005 0
Leaching away of inside-the-beltway economic expertise12/1/2005 0
Redirect: Leaching away of inside-the-beltway economic expertise12/3/2005 0
US intellectual property protection: the targets are asleep or unarmed, the advising guardians are AWOL and the police are offering placebos12/13/2005 0
Avian Flu emerges as the new lighting rod for predictive futures markets12/19/2005 0
Goebbels on propaganda: learning from those we detest12/24/2005 0
NSA, signals intelligence, "meta-media" tools and the GOOGLEZON1/5/2006 0
Dispensing with the prattle that states that trade will not war1/12/2006 0
Indian pipedream: "Our campuses are physically secure… The entire perimeter is guarded which we believe enable us to be fully secure"1/14/2006 0
Rethinking biological warfare at a human scale1/16/2006 0
Prediction without accountability: calling the expertise and honesty of expert predictors into question1/25/2006 0
Prediction without accountability, Part 21/26/2006 0
Prediction without accountability, Part 31/26/2006 0

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