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Title Article Date Last Post Date Number of Posts
Iraqi cell networks: friend and foe8/3/2005 0
Iraqi cell networks: Friend and foe, part 28/4/2005 0
Aim for the head: in praise of Operation Kratos8/5/2005 0
Katrina as an "incident of national significance" puts the lie to DHS scenario planning for terrorist event preparation9/2/2005 0
Repeating systemic faults of Katrina in Rita9/22/2005 0
Disaster recovery planning: how to get 1.8 million people home without distress9/24/2005 0
As kill boxes become rescue boxes, 'senseless acts of planning' continue9/26/2005 0
Continued 'random acts of preparedness'9/27/2005 0
A modern Charge of the Light Brigade: Karen Hughes' brief to invert Islam's opinion of the US9/29/2005 0
Katrina and Iraq: failure in fighting a two-front war10/3/2005 0
Shifting from "if" to a "best case scenario" of a global 7.4 million dead10/4/2005 0
A modest Jurassic Park: Simultaneous recreation of a certified bioweapon and a pandemic diagnostic tool10/5/2005 0
Why does it take a comedian to position video and print news media?10/6/2005 0
The US paid much to gain little in opposing ElBaradei; it will pay more if it continues to reproach the Nobel laureate10/7/2005 0
Media distortion and the underpinnings of 'Wag the Dog'10/12/2005 0
'Fog facts' in both media and print10/13/2005 0
Outsourcing obscured by distortion and fog10/16/2005 0
Political denial and spinning as a direct application of distortion and fog10/17/2005 0
Multisourcing: belated recovery of forgotten first principles10/18/2005 0
Multisourcing: belated recovery of forgotten first principles, part 210/20/2005 0
Improving COTS availability of open source mapping, imagery and GPS data10/21/2005 0
Syria temporarily replaces the US and Israel as the "the enemy of God"10/24/2005 0
A Syrian 'smoking gun' depends on what you're smoking10/25/2005 0
Wilkerson and Scowcroft: uncloaking is not limited to Romulan and Klingon birds-of-prey10/26/2005 0
US electorate's oversight: Iraqi opinions as to their condition and their perceptions of US/Coalition occupation10/29/2005 0

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