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Wolfowitz survives his tsunami. Or perhaps he was the tsunami4/1/2005 0
Weblogs as a means of overcoming institutional conservatism, collecting better intelligence and affecting more efficient warfighting4/3/2005 0
Weblogs, better intelligence and more efficient warfighting, part 24/4/2005 0
Considering plausibly deniable cryptography as a response to a Distributed Networking Attack4/5/2005 0
On the verge of political oblivion, Mahmoud Abbas acts within and without4/6/2005 0
The world is flat save for the depression that we occupy: Friedman on global opportunity and competition4/8/2005 0
Fun on both sides of the Golden Shield: escape & evasion applicable to civil libertarians and terrorists alike4/9/2005 0
Israel's zugzwang between indefensible military borders and absorption from within4/11/2005 0
Keeping Sharon alive long enough to effect withdrawal from Gaza and the West Bank4/12/2005 0
Loss of bin Laden: the perils of supply chain outsourcing4/13/2005 0
Autonomous rendezvous: autopilot, cargo delivery, satellite servicing, space reconnaissance, disablement short of kinetic kill4/16/2005 0
Israel as serial violator, temporarily the chicken killed to scare the monkeys4/18/2005 0
Public radio deposes a sitting president: Ecuador, Radio La Luna, and improvised battlefield communication networks4/20/2005 0
The human side of 'Public radio deposes a sitting president'4/20/2005 0
Supply chain paradigm shifts: read the tea leaves and add minor twists4/21/2005 0
Supply chain paradigm shifts, part 2: SeaCode's floating Maquiladora4/24/2005 0
Autonomous Chinese 'smart mobs' outside of Party control4/26/2005 0
Architectures of testimony, architectures of control propelled to convergence4/28/2005 0
Insurgents harvest Secret NOFORN materials from botched redaction of Nicola Calipari-Giuliana Sgrena incident report5/1/2005 0
Nicola Calipari-Giuliana Sgrena incident report, part 25/5/2005 0
Immediate self-policed, self-notification of flaws buttressed by workarounds and security recommendations5/6/2005 0
Developing an intel intervention model to deal with hyphenated-American communities10/9/2004 0
When clients for risk assessment/risk pricing take on a risk of their own10/10/2004 0
The merger of Inability to distill, Not invented here, and Competitive bad advice10/11/2004 0
Brief introduction to China risks10/12/2004 0

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