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The magical idea of an OSA - Open Source Agency7/28/2004 0
Patch to dissemination to analysis to exploit: zero-day exploit tightens Boyd's OODA loop7/29/2004 0
In Pakistan, bullets come in political and full metal jackets7/30/2004 0
Uzbekistan is 'the Man' of the Stans7/31/2004 0
Pandemic flaws at the architectural and base component level8/10/2004 0
Intellectual property theft: the unspoken unknown of offshoring8/11/2004 0
Soccer causes a bump in China's masterful effort to bring Asia under its sway8/12/2004 0
France 1, EU 25: It's not your grandfather's Common Market8/13/2004 0
Harbinger of wakeable "unexpected" data-leaks in uncommon packages: Coke's "Unexpected Summer" sweepstakes8/14/2004 0
COTS electromagnetic weapons from simple dual-use items8/15/2004 0
US law enforcement cooperation with US Muslim communities are remarkable for success as well as infrequency8/16/2004 0
The defender's dilemma: common threads in exploiting commercial supply networks8/17/2004 0
Tenderness of the fabric of our internet8/18/2004 0
Under pressure that would make diamonds, Pakistan pretends to work as we pretend to pay8/20/2004 0
If not Pakistan, then who?8/21/2004 0
Ayatollah Khomeini redux8/22/2004 0
Oil: Whither thou goest, we will go8/23/2004 0
Homo boobus and social engineering: When the nut behind the wheel is loose8/24/2004 0
Did Stanford merely meet Abu Ghraib or is there more?8/25/2004 0
Controlled failure is not generally acceptable foreign policy: attrition is not victory8/26/2004 0
Domodedovo to Beslan: pursuing a terrorist war in the face of public distrust9/8/2004 0
When fiction exposes a fault line in fact: CDC, NIH and NBC9/9/2004 0
Imperial Rome became Italy; de Tocqueville's America becomes what?9/10/2004 0
Continuance of denial and hubris are not grounds for success9/11/2004 0
International terrorism in Russia; more Chechen export than Arab import9/12/2004 0

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