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UK ammonium nitrate fertilizer device


In reading British Arrest 8 in Anti-Terror Raids, once again, we have to be lucky every time and they only occasionally. All eight suspects are British nationals and while no religious affiliation had been released, a press statement did speak to the fact that "[We] in the police service know that the overwhelming majority of the Muslim community are law abiding and completely reject all forms of violence."  That is a UK police code phrase for Muslim suspects.

Add fuel oil to a thousand pounds of ammonium nitrate and it is ta redux of the Oklahoma City federal building, the Bali nightclub, and the Istanbul bank blast all over again.  If this group has modeled al Oaeda properly, there will be redundnacy, i.e., additional devices.

It will be interesting to see what security measures enter UK agribusinesses. In the US there are already growing rules for delivery of fertilizer, agrochemicals and fuel to farms, not to mention rules to prevent grain and food supply tampering. (Recreational pharmaceutical production has also added strictures to try to stem items like methamphetamine.)

British Arrest 8 in Anti-Terror Raids
By Michael McDonough
Associated Press
Tuesday, March 30, 2004; 6:33 AM

Gordon Housworth

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