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First proof of concept virus for mobile phones


Proof of concept viruses most often presage variants, from the original authors or other groups, with much more hostile payloads. (The rare exception was a Palm handheld virus.) The first mobile phone virus, Cabir, has appeared, using Bluetooth to scan for target phones within range (30 meters). While this infection range is "small" in comparison to WiFi, I can see it having good effect in crowded, transit areas such as airports, conferences, and tradeshows. The proof of function status of the virus is also reflected in the need of the target to accept a file of unknown source.

The attack is sufficiently simple that the only surprise is that it has not occurred sooner. I vote with those that expect increasingly hostile payload variants as the current volume and ubiquity of cell phones offers the kind of target and associated ego boost that would follow a successful attack.

First mobile phone virus created
BBC NEWS 16 June 2004
Published: 2004/06/16 07:44:40 GMT

Gordon Housworth

Cybersecurity Public  InfoT Public  
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