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Al-Muqrin is dead, long live al-Oufi


The death of the al Qaeda leader in Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz al-Muqrin, may not be a cause for joy as his successor, Saleh Mohammad al-Oufi, appears to be a much more imposing figure.  It would appear that most of the reports of al-Oufi's appointment spring from an AFP report that was reported in various degrees as widely as Al Jazeera and the Muslim American Society (MAS)

Al-Oufi is said to be both more dangerous and more effective than al-Muqrin as he:

  • Hails from the security ranks, serving as a police officer and prison guard
  • Left the Kingdom to join terrorist networks in Afghanistan and Bosnia (where he was wounded) returning to the Kingdom in 1995
  • Administered secret al Qaeda camps in Saudi Arabia, with responsibility "for training, recruitment, and logistics"
  • Is a Hijazi from the holy city of Medina capable of recruiting "from the most economically depressed areas of Saudi Arabia"
  • Is older than Muqrin, and has spent more time in the Kingdom

With the stability of the House of Saud still unknown, threats to Saudi oil production continuing, unabated attacks on expatriate staff, and Egypt potentially overturning its western, ant-Islamist stance should Mubarek die, al-Oufi may yet play a leading role in further mischief in the Arabian Shield.

Former Police Officer in Charge of Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia
Date Posted: Monday, June 21, 2004
Muslim American Society (MAS)

Al-Qaeda replaces Saudi Arabia chief
NEW TERROR: The death of Abdul Aziz al-Muqrin after a US hostage's beheading has prompted a more dangerous man to take up local leadership of the terror organization
Tuesday, Jun 22, 2004,Page 6

Gordon Housworth

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